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AI Intelligent Scale Of The New Era Will Once Again Reshape Business Operation Mode

AI Intelligent Scale Of The New Era Will Once Again Reshape Business Operation Mode

Since ancient times, scales have been the most crucial tools of commodity trading. Merchants and customers use scales to measure goods and settle payments. Perhaps there would be no prosperity in human society nowadays if it wasnt for the use of scales. From ancients use boat to weigh elephants to today's electronic weighing devices,the development of scales has changed along with human progress.

In modern society, people began to use electronic scales and gradually phased out traditional mechanical scales. Bar-code scales can be seen as the most important change. Ever since the advent of electronic scales, there have been almost no quarrels caused by inaccurate measurements in the market, and even those grumpy elder person were rarely seen to create disturbances due to weighing problems. For merchants, bar-code scales have greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of weighing processes, which lead to profits increase.


Nowadays, people's expectations for scales has drastically changed. For merchants, the key factor now is no longer accuracy but simplicity. On the other hand,with the continuous optimization and integration of commercial resources and consumer experience, the demand for shopping satisfaction among consumers is gradually increasing. Merchants are also making great efforts to reduce queues to improve cash flow. Now, times have changed again. The AI intelligent scale of the new era will once again reshape the operating mode of the fresh retail industry. If you don't know what an AI intelligent scale is, take a look below.

Advantages of AI intelligent scales:

1.Improve Efficiency

The AI intelligent scale is one of the replacements of the traditional bar-code scale. Compare to traditional bar-code scales which require the PLU code to weigh, AI intelligent scales can quickly print labels, thus significantly improve the weighing speed.


2.Reduce Labor

Due to the fact that AI intelligent scales are smart devices, employees no longer need to remember thousands of PLU codes, which greatly reduces their workload.

3.Reduce Cost

Since weighing has become as simple as scanning bar-codes with a bar-code scanner, supermarkets no longer need to assign many of their staffs for weighing position. Instead, having two weighing staffs working in two shifts can save a substantial amount of costs. This will bring great benefit to business.


It is safe to say that AI intelligent scales have changed the operating mode of cashier system, greatly improved store image and service quality. Although it has not yet been widely popularized, the maturity of the product has been fully reached. The cost of AI intelligent scales will be offset by the saved labor cost in much less than a year. In this age of rapid development of artificial intelligence, the retail industry is enjoying the convenience brought by technology. Every operator should consider how to use intelligent digital tools to solve operational problems.