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Ten Unique Features Of Intelligent Sorting Scales

Some of the features include sturdiness, durable, simple to operate, accurate and self-adjustment.

Durable and sturdiness: The tough external metal shell can withstand rough operations. The scale frame is equipped with buffer rubber pads and elastic steel wire buckles to prevent the weighing platter from loosening.

Anti-static and anti-interference: The main-board is equipped with anti-static and anti-interference functions, suitable in dry environments.


High capacity: The scale body is customized of carbon steel square tubes, with a surface spray coating treatment to enhance load-bearing capacity.

Selectable size and capacity: The weighing platter comes with two options: carbon steel and stainless steel. Multiple platter sizes and weighing capacities are available. (Thickened carbon steel, surface spray treated for reinforcement and durability, water/corrosion proof 304 stainless steel platter).

Overload protection: High precision sensor with a safety overload rate of 150%.


Adjustments: The display is a 2-inch specially designed bright red LED screen, the texts are clear and visible, the brightness can be adjusted too. The scale will provide quick and accurate results, with three options for reaction speed according to various environments and weighing objects.


Ultra long endurance: Equipped with a 6V/6.5AH high-power battery, the endurance is greatly increased. The scale is equipped with level IV battery indicator, low-voltage alarm, automatic shutdown, peak voltage maintaining, average value display, automatic sleep and automatic shutdown functions.

Upper and lower limit warning: Upper and lower limit alarm function, High-OK-LOW status indication or optional switch output.

Easy to operate: U-shaped instrument bracket with adjustable display angle for easy operation.

Preset tare weight: Functions include manual, automatic and tare accumulation, preset tare weight.